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We launched Jobs for Humanity last month, starting with 500 jobs for refugees. On April 7th we're launching 1350+ Jobs for the Blind in partnership with Be My Eyes. The Be My Eyes app enables job seekers with a visual impairment to initiate a video call directly to our team of volunteer career advisors. Take action and share our posts.

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Jobs for Humanity paves the way to a fairer future for all by connecting historically underrepresented talent to welcoming employers. Through the combination of cutting-edge recruiting technology and expert D&I consultation, Jobs for Humanity makes inclusive hiring seamless, scalable, and sustainable. Global brands like Spectrum, Nielsen, and Booking.com collaborate with Jobs for Humanity to enhance access to employment for refugees, returning citizens, Black leaders, the blind, single mothers, and the neurodivergent. For more information, visit www.jobsforhumanity.com.

<aside> 💡 We're launched with Jobs for Refugees last month. On April 7th we are launching Jobs for the Blind with the rest of our communities to follow in the coming weeks. Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed.


1. Purpose of this toolkit

To introduce employers, job seekers, changemakers, organizations and advocates to Jobs for Humanity and help drive engagement and action among their base of supporters and friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. It is crucial to radically reimagine recruiting and job seeking where millions of people face a disproportionate lack of opportunity in the job market, one that centers on OUR stories and changes the larger narrative and culture around hiring.

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